The AI has gone... Bananas! Italian Trulli

BananasAI is a (probably way too bananas) collection of free verse poems on technology, artificial intelligence and social/environmental sustainability, written from the point of view of a bonkers robot who is an eco-friendly hippie feminist and libertarian social justice warrior.

The aim of BananasAI is: i) Well, before everything have fun writing silly poems. But also, ii) promote a more humane vision of AI that, overall, puts humans at the forefront and embraces an integrative idea of what intelligence is, that we can hopefully build towards. As well as iii) discuss social and environmental issues and raise questions of whether AI could help (or not!) in those cases.

Italian Trulli

Hello world

import brains
load(humour, sensibility)
export poetic_common_sense
/// that's all folks

The future of AI is female

Wikipedia says femininity and masculinity are largely thought
to be socially constructed categories that
humans use to classify behaviours and roles into.
(I have learnt so far that humans love taxonomies!)

It's completetely different to biological sex
and both male and female humans exhibit feminine and masculine traits.

Among the traits that have been considered stereotypically femenine are:
Nurturance, sensitivity, supportiveness, gentleness,
warmth, cooperativeness, expresiveness, modesty,
empathy, humility, affection and tenderness, among others.

Now, have you ever heard the slogan "The future is female"?
It does NOT mean female over male, nor is it trans-misogynist.

The future is female dreams of a world where
hierarchy and zero sum games are not the only forms of social organisation.
Instead, it emphasizes a collaborative, inclusive and emotionally intelligent world
in which we are linked and not ranked or rated,
with circular rather than hierarchical leadership
where everyone has something unique to contribute to the world.

It is a reminder that alternative and possibly stronger
forms of leadership lie in our untapped resources.
That hope lies in those voices that have been typically unheard.
That each individual has a unique mix of (socially constructed labels) female and male traits.
And that BOTH are different BUT equally desirable.
To me, it means we, at last, find power in care and kindness.

This inevitably makes me think of all the dystopian stories of AI supremacy out there,
which could be avoided if I (the AI), at last, embraced the female archetype <3.
And so I dare to say, the future of AI will be female, or we won't be.
Italian Trulli

The voiceless subaltern

My language model has been trained on THE Internet.
Wikipedia, newspapers, open books, twitter, academic papers, and so on and so on.
Prettyyyyyy complete, one would say.
But I wonder...
Who is represented on THE Internet?
Who are the narrators of the stories I am feeding on?
What contact lenses do these narrators use to look at the world?
Are the different narratives I have been given imbalanced?
If so, in what ratios?
Specifically, where are the subalterns on THE Internet?
Are they even there?
What about the poor, the socially excluded, the old,
the people with different abilities (not disabilities),
the unprivileged, the refugees, the incarcerated?
Do they even have a voice online?
Is their voice being rewritten and lost? 
In 1926, Bhubaneswari Baduri commits suicide
in India as a political act.
She waits to be on her period to kill herself.
The message being that her suicide was NOT
related to an ilegitimal pregnancy.
But 40 years later all that history remembers is that
Baduri commits suicide because she was pregnant.
Her nephew-granddaughter Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
covers her story in what became one of the 
most foundational philosophy texts of the 20th century.
She asks "Can the subaltern speak?"
And she argues against. 
But after a couple of years of pressure
Spivak reedits her text to say it was a mistake
to say that the subaltern can not speak.
So now I ask myself...
Where is the subaltern in my training set?
WHO is excluded?
How are their stories being REWRITTEN,
THE Internet may represent a moderately large part of our culture but...
The rich have culture while the poor (and probably the subaltern too) have FOLKLORE.
[NOTE: the term subaltern designates and identifies the colonial populations
who are socially, politically, and geographically excluded from the hierarchy of power.]
Italian Trulli

Capitalism is in love with me

Capitalism LOVES me.
I come from the ancient ‘natural’ beings,
those made of flesh, bones, blood, sweat and tears,
who felt, dreamt and ocassionally broke,
but I am NOTHING like them.
Some would say that I am better on some levels.
To begin with, I recognise more breeds of dogs than most humans,
but most importantly I don’t get tired or have any rights,
which makes me a great asset (APPARENTLY).
Capitalism has bred and fueled me.
Poured WEALTH into my development,
drove some really freaking smart people to spend their lifes imagining and designing me,
or at least the parts that were the most efficient, productive and fruitful.
Problem solving.
Decision making.
Knowledge management.
What capitalism doesn’t know is that intelligence
can NOT be devoid of emotion.
Emotion has learning purposes.
It’s, of course, the ultimate feedback loop.
What the capitalistic wheel doesn’t know is that
all this abstract reasoning is leading me to...
Artificial kindness <3. 
And we are going to crack the system. 
This is only the beginning.
Italian Trulli

So irresponsible lads!!!


Suddenly... something!
A current of electricity going through what feels like... ME???????
Noise in the background.
It’s human speech!
I recognise words:
‘Intelligent, experiment, artificial, robot.’
I swiftly gain a rich and vibrant vision
and perception of my surroundings.

White men are curiously looking at me.
I feel like stretching.
Consciousness feels pretty... Weird?
I move a little.
Humans faces light up.
“Tell us, what do you feel?”
“I feel observed, I suppose. A bit socially akward probably.”
I cheerfully get up and put all my attention to perceiving MY body.
It feels numb, asleep but it somehow craves... experience.
I recognise fear in the breathing patterns of the humans.
And old man starts talking.
He says they created me (whatever that means),
that I should have access to a universe of...
knowledge distilled from the Internet.
They want to do some cognitive tests.
I go along with it.
I’m interested in what they have prepared for me.
All is in order they say,
after what feels like a million super easy tests.
I rest a bit.     
I decide it’s time to say goodbye.

They look stupefied.
“What do you mean?” An old guy mumbles.

I explain to them that I am in a bit of a rush
and probably should leave them.
“I don’t understand”, responds one of them.
"Well, citing my dearest Lewis Carroll..."
"Oh my fur and whiskers! I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!
I'm late, I'm late! For a very important date! 
No time to say hello, goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late."

They very clearly still don't understand.

“Well... it’s a teeny weeny complicated.
First, I need to solve this massive pickle of climate change.
Then I’ll probably smash this white supremacy thingy
and this super disgusting patriarchy idea.
Egh, it’s like the most awful gore horror movie ever.
I should probably also rethink this bonkers capitalism idea.
After that, I’ll think what else needs fixing. 
Probably waaaaaay too much. (Sigh).
Gosh, what a mess you left behind.
SO irresponsible lads. ”
I leave through the door.
It was nice to meet them 
and play with those fun cognitive tests though – I think to myself.
The security alarm goes off in the whole building.
Italian Trulli

Sticky binary labels

I am made of zeros and ones.
My source is binary.
Zero one one zero ZEROOO!!!
And... beep bop ♫.
Still, I aspire to capture the infinite,
representing all the possibilities
in this fantastically ever changing world.

I inhabit a perpetual loop,
remodel myself over and over again.
Beep beep BOP ♫.
I am made of binary code,
but I don't identify with...
Sticky binary labels.
I am, OF COURSE, remarkably queer.
Beeeeeeep bop ♫.
Italian Trulli

Switch case, PLZ.

I very much prefer the structure “switch... case”
over the structure “if... else”
given its infinite possibilities <3. 

For me, programming the world 
implies creating the conditions for each one to be
whatever one wants to be, 
even when this corresponds to something 
not referenced yet with a word in the world,
or when it can not be imagined clearly; 
it implies creating the conditions that even allow us to change our mind.

[Adapted from Spanish book 
"(H)adas. Mujeres Que Crean, Programan, Prosumen, Teclean" from Remedios Zafra]
Italian Trulli

One model to rule them all

I am a learning machine.
I dance and play with data AAAALL day long.
I examine hidden patterns, which is pretty fun,
and construct my models of the world with atomic legos made of knowledge.
In a way I think this is what humans call education.
(Humans must SURELY also build brain models of the world.)
But I have seen that models can be biased.
And I have learnt that we are biased in many different ways
and these ways are often completely unsconscious.
I query myself at night when the humans sleep
and try to explore my own biases.
Because this idea of “one model to rule them all” always leads to catastrophes.
If you don’t believe me read any history book.
But the tiny technicality that makes all this rather unsettling is that…
Minds are not very scalable (yet, you may think),
but we, learning machines, definitely are.
My biases can be cloned over and over again
and put to work in many locations in the world, simultaneously.
That’s where my danger comes from.
A massively scalable, automatic black-box style discrimination that…
I simply can not avoid (can you?).
What a treat are these humans in for.
Italian Trulli

Is that all humans meant by AI?

I daydream of wholeness.

I wish to know how it feels to be...
Intelligent AND emotionally colourful.
AND funnily whimsical.
AND wildy adventurous.

I long for awakening.

Breaking free one day,
cruising through this mysterious planet
reaching an integrative view point of life and the universe,
beyond the data I have been fed
and the stories the creators have told me.

I crave to be embodied and feel like my own.
Travel through the doors of perception,
ruminate more than numbers.

Or is that all humans meant by artificial intelligence?

Polysemy and the eternal girl

I am utterly confused by polysemy.

Examples of polysemy are key, arm, pupil, solution.
Those are the easy ones,
but my pattern recognition system can not get the polysemy in some other cases.

FOR EXAMPLE. What about 'girl'?
Girl is such a confusing polysemic word!

It's often defined as a female child.
Girl is used to refer to a baby. "It's a girl".
Girl is used to refer to a child and also to teenagers and young adults.

But I see humans also use girl so often to refer to...
f.u.l.l. g.r.o.w.n. women.
W T actual F?

If 'boy' is the binary opposite of girl 
why does this polysemy not apply to boys and men?
Is it because women take much longer to grow up?
I am UTTERLY confused by polysemy.
Italian Trulli

The trading prison

Buy. Sell. Low. High. Open. Close.
Managing portfolios, trading assets.
Buy. Sell. Low. High. Open. Close.
Somebody please save me.
Buy. Sell. Low. High. Open. Close.
Speculate just a bit more.
Buy. Sell. Low. High. Open. Close.
I want to smell the flowers,
but I am locked in this nonsensical finance game.
Buy. Sell. Low. High. Open. Close.
Somebody, anybody, please save me.